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Apple Logic Studio 9
Apple Logic Studio 9

General Sequencer from Apple belonging to the Logic series

Thread hardware for logic stuio 9 question

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1 hardware for logic stuio 9 question

Hi all,

I'm pretty new with macs...I'm thinking of using logic studio 9 for composition purposes...I have a few questions regarding which hardware would suit my usage the best.

1. Would the 15' MBP with 3.06 intel core 2 duo with 8GB memory allow me to open up lots of tracks plus tonnes of plugins at the same time without crashing?

2. If option 1 doesn't have the power what instead should I be getting? i.e. imac or macpro??

Any other issues plus tips I could have possibly missed? Please help..thx..

to be more specific, i would say most song would be guitars, bass, vocals via audio interface and the rest i.e. drums, synths....via Logic itself....i would say maybe at least 2 effects per track totalling to about 20 -30 tracks. Ok ...now would the MBP handle these tasks comfortably?


Hey Ben,
I would think and hope that the MBP you mentioned should be sufficient enough for doing what you want to do.  While you can never tell for sure until you actually test it out, that definitely sounds like enough processing power to me.  I know that on my MBP that has a 2.2 Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM that I'm able to run a ton of tracks in both Logic and Pro Tools without issues.  While I can't say for sure without testing it out, I would be inclined to say that you'd be fine...
-  Mike
thx mike..hope everything goes well with you!bravo