Apple Logic Express 9
Apple Logic Express 9

Logic Express 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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crosby2fr 07/01/2012

Apple Logic Express 9 : crosby2fr's user review


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As always, installation is no problem with Apple. The program is rich, very rich. For against the manual ... it is so thick that it becomes daunting. You have to choose something else as a support for learning: the excellent videos at Elevphorm


I turn on an iMac (intel core duo) with your HD Internal 320GB and 4GB of ram ... To run this software it needs space and my "poor" 320 GB that are shared with the accounts of each family member (full of software and data) ... it feels a little cramped. I think a dedicated hard disk is required.


I use my faith as a little learning is long without outside help .. and more set apart live recordings with my guitar, I used little. The interest of express versus studio is that is not encumbered by lots of things we ever use .. It was essential for the quarter of the price.
Against by the quality is there you! And how I used it's great.