Apple Logic Express 9
Apple Logic Express 9

Logic Express 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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Enix49 01/09/2012

Apple Logic Express 9 : Enix49's user review

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No problem, it's Apple, it turns ...
Everything works perfectly with my FireStudio and the internal card. Logic and Mac manage multi interface without worries.
Big Manuel, but only the first 150 pages printed in a booklet, all 1200 pages of a document is formatted web. I put 10 if a printed manual was delivered more consistent.


I have an iMac 3.60 ghz quad i5, 12GB of RAM, sound card and Firestudio 500GB HDD.
In other words, it turns even with 25 tracks fully loaded with plugins not to mention mastering plugins and open mainstage behind again via Soundflower.
No crash, no slowdown. Even the salaries and running very bounces SPEED.


I use it for a few months.The program is comprehensive but simple to deal with and very ergonomic. No multiple sub menus or convoluted paths to find an option, even the menus are easy to manage, especially with the esc key mode arrangement.
I used a long time Cubase SX 1, 2 and 3 (but not much more ergonomic and regular crashes on Windows), Ardour on Linux (but much needs to be healthy in the often dirty and no MIDI) and therefore that Logic is the best of three in my opinion.
All operations are easy to make and there are lots of options without being useful gadget.
In my opinion with an iMac is the best choice Logic! (Ok sorry)
0 crash that should be highlighted and also regular updates.