Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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Seeya007 08/13/2013

Apple Logic Pro X : Seeya007's user review

«  An ultra powerful composition tool »

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The implementation is done very simply: you download an "install" 650MB, itself followed by another 2 GB file, it installs and is ready for use. Logic offers the ability to download additional content to be in the wake or later (a dozen + gigas).
I've installed on 3 of my machines, everything went smoothly, but if at the last moved, I had to cut my MBP several times, no worries.


No worries on my machines.
But I said something, I just Logic 9 (Logic 8 and before) the start bcp app is faster than the previous version. It has been 3 weeks that I use and I've had no crashes so far (although it frequently happened that I restart L9).

It is perhaps a little too early to give a definitive opinion, but it SEEMS to me that the management of multicore processors is better distributed. On my MP (8 cores) with L9, he came regularly to have a processor running at saturation while others were stopped (fainéants! :-) and I was getting messages like: "Disk too slow or overloaded system. " I opened my big projects (100 runs, 60 plugs, the instrument software want you in here, etc.), no worries. I could even reduce the size of buffets my RME UFX 256 whereas with L9 for such projects, I had to be in 1024 (I think also that I had a prob, but either).


Before going to the Apple brand, I used Pro Tools (there good 10 years) and Cubase SX3. I have always criticized the austere side of the interface L8 and L9 and its aberrations as compared with other apps (such move multiple tracks at the same time!) And I must say that Apple has A HUGE EFFORT. The interface is very nice (ok this is subjective) and everything was at hand. The workflow is greatly improved.

For me, the biggest highlight of Logic in relation to its competitors, it is the orientation "composition" of the app (Apple Loop DB is only the most obvious example).

You call? DARK!! L9 contents were already overcrowded with content Logic X you have a MORE POWERFUL tool for writing music in all styles.
The apple loops are very inspiring and we are never short of ideas.
Special mention for drummer tracks that are a genial simplicity and efficiency.
Special mention for the smarts controls that give you quick access to basic settings of plugs / virtual instruments.
SPECIAL mention for the new category "jingle" Apple loops.
AND finally, the special flex time (elastic audio) and flex pitch (Melodyne) whose use is now mention childish.

I know, I'm ecstatic with regard to the new Logic. I assume. For me, a view composition, it is a revolution. Apple really geared towards that with the soft top: "You have an idea, it is a 2 click in the box."

I am convinced that this app will make a commercial board because it offers a quality / quantity / price unbeatable report. I can highly recommend it.
Musical greetings,