Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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Maxidingue 09/15/2013

Apple Logic Pro X : Maxidingue's user review

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I filed an unflattering comment about Apple and its trade policy firmly decided not to upgrade my old Logic 9 and then yesterday I broke down after reading the voluminous test last Sound On Sound
Easy installation (see above), for the bonus bundle I have not found??
Configuration: GarageBand, ugly, it seeks its bearings, it does a little personal configuration task bar and it disappears suddenly without understanding brief ... already bugs in the first use .... and after 4 years of development (the time it took Apple to move from 9 to X)
Incompatibility, YES, the 32 bits of my old Powercore plugs are not recognized + some software
No manual paper. Using a well thought out though. The mouse is passed over an item and it will display a small window with the top left
That said, I'm looking for the charging indicator CPU and HD who was present at the first startup and disappeared from the task bar and .......... Found


I QuadraCore i5 iMac running OSX 10.8.3, 8MB RAM RME Fireface 800 a card and was already a bit like it "frolle" the minimum limit. The Bundle Spectrasonics (Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus) + Kontakt, it looks like it's already a lot to him
I did not have this problem with the 9 V
My big worry is when I created my MIDI tracks to external synths Hardware (Minitaur, TR-Rack, Mininova and microKorg) ........ there it merdouille sec. As soon as I open a menu the MIDI stream stops, freezes. Again I had no problem with Logic 9. Besides the Minitaur who loses his Latin and not receiving continuous note off its momentum until I unplug it!!
I HOPE it's just a problem of setting config ...... But I put "nose in the engine." A priori correct environment, clock and MTC sync OK. For now I dry

No crash in 24 hours of use almost without interruption. A good


I installed yesterday afternoon, I know it is VERY lightweight to judge but for a first opinion is acceptable. BIG disappointment so far (Moche, MIDI and inconsistencies ....). That said there is not as disappointing. For news: MIDI arpeggiator a good, comprehensive, configurable as desired, FlexTime improved (but not Melodyne ...), correct compatibility plugins. At least the synth AU rather akin to a ROMpler of entry-level .....
I use Logic Pro 9 since its release, a real treat. Luckily the two can co exist on the same bcanne and I have not uninstalled. I keep the version 9 to sequence my synths Hard until we have something acceptable version of the X
I also have Ableton Live 9, which does déplaisse some, provides another way to work and does not duplicate a classic DAW

I like: so far not much outside the MIDI arpeggiator. Some improvements in the mixer. The integrated help
I do not like: The look on GarageBande, MIDI management, "instability" (parameterization personal disappearing see above). Apple's trade policy

Anyway for now I regret my € 179

I'll be back (if I change my mind)