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Thread Portable Sequencer

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1 Portable Sequencer
Hi everyone

Im looking for a sequencer that will perform specific duties. It is to be used for a small live sound setup - and therefore MUST be totally portable. The live situation is not compatible for setting up a laptop/software so I need a stand alone unit.

I basically want to find a unit which I can use to build backing music for live guitar/vocals. I need to be able to access songs fairly easily and on the fly. Foot pedal controlled - with good memory and sounds which are up to date technically speaking.

I used the Yamaha QY100 - and now need an upgrade. Price-wise around $1000.00

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, hardware sequencers are not so hype these days! would you consider any laptop + software alternatives?

if not, Depending on your style of music, you can check on Roland grooveboxes such as the MC808, or even on a sequencer / sampler such as the MPC 1000. In this case you'll have to create yourself the sounds you want to sequence.