Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
+ Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]

Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware], General Sequencer from

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12/30/2006 Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware] : Anonymous 's user review


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Installation very simple.
No incompatibility.
The configuration is a simplicity gnrale any evidence, if one has dj's hands on a multitrack recording or a system that, numrique or not.
The manual? There is none, and the menus are clear, simple and easy to ACCS.


Athlon 1.6 Ghz, 512 RAM, ASUS motherboard, 40 +40 GB hard drive, Sound Card Audigy LS.
Always those pesky problem of latency that rglent self-same when I recorded without worrying about the level of effect and without sticking to the slopes. I just had a noticeable lag in recording the bass track 4. I prcise I record only instruments, not noon.
The performances are good, the quality effects (reverb, compression, delay, chorus) is thundering ... especially since we can assign two per track. I believe that a cpu takes time, and that increases the latency of consquent reproduction.
The prog is stable and does not crash, compared to Cubase LE, APRS installing ASIO4ALL has generously plant.


I have been using ... yesterday!
What I like is the ease and simplicity of CASC registration.
So I tried Cubase LE, that plant, I test a couple of trackers, but I do not map to the system. L I find a multi-core and feel like a Tascam the fingers ...
The quality-price ratio? It is simple, as Kristal is free ... a small bomb!
With exprience, I would resume immediately Kristal, no doubt.

Finally, I will soon try to correct the cbler between sound card and pass on my old Fostex X-260 part mixer (recording until death) to balance the better pure mani and re stro! (I did a test mono)