Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
+ Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]

Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware], General Sequencer from

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Neolander 05/20/2005 Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware] : Neolander's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Simple installation and no probs. I have not found any incompatibility config is a bit twisted but namoins fast and man, there is no need but anamoins online help in html short but complte. This is not a software namoins IDAL for beginners because some functions are hidden


2GHz, with Nforce 2 motherboard, 256 RAM (and this is just trs), 60 GB and not a pro sound card, the Hercules Gamesurround Muse 5.1 DVD. The software it runs almost perfectly, the lack of ram slowing normment when using a large number of tracks with effects. This software seems to support ASIO, but I could not test. Latency by recording a single track without monitoring trs is low (but I think it would slow down if the card). Attention posseseurs of antiquity: the 44 kHz/16 bit recording mode is the minimum accepted by the software. I sometimes get error messages when loading a file that does not occur when I load with load-file in the program but when I run the program with the file. It's just stuff to scare also because everything works namoins. We will be indulgent, all APRS is a freeware program with a dozen types so ... Otherwise it is perfectly stable with my sound card. I use Audacity, and even if it is not my BMD cubase (I bypasses one of the limitations, the prohibition of recording, using "Stereo mix" but should not chuut Steinberg say otherwise will invent a way to avoid a. ..)


I use it for a little over a year. I like the interface cubase, it is convenient to find his back (think of using the right mouse button), but his hand scare messages (and non-copatibilit with some VST and VSTi which should be corrected in the next version)), I find many trs. I also have my good old dmo of cubase (but chuuuuut!) But hey it's not the BMD is a good freeware trs. The report qualitprix is ​​excellent, as with all freeware:-P. I would do without this choice problem!