Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
+ Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]

Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware], General Sequencer from

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Psyclik 08/18/2004 Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware] : Psyclik's user review


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Installation very classic, fast and simple. I like.
No incompatibiltée noted, everything went well with my SBLive and my Tascam US-122 and any VST I use has been problematic.
Just small problem, the setup lacks some clarity, that said it can be done quickly and not penalizing the medium term.
To the manual when it is in English but there is this very clear and complete.


On my machine, namely Xp1800 DDR2700 + 512 + Tascam Us122 XP2500 + and + 256 m + DDR3100 ChipVia ac97, no problem, everything passes nickel.
This app is a small bomb in the multi-track recording fast and light, which supports more importantly the VST and monitoring.
E is all he can do, but it is divinely!


I use it for almost 6 months and I keep it! It is excellent for recording, fast, light, and very well recognized, why change? Only one regret, it can be used alone because of the lack of possiblitées Midi, limited to 2 per track vst and a number of advanced features.
Its author seems to always work on the project, I expect this really soft in the future.