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Magix Audio Studio 2005 Deluxe
Magix Audio Studio 2005 Deluxe

General Sequencer from Magix

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Thread need help with MAGIX audio studio 2005

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1 need help with MAGIX audio studio 2005
i need help...how do i edit music using MAgix audio studio how do you edit it to where u only here the music but not the actuall words and lyrics??? please help

Thnks in advance
I use Magix Audio 2005.
You said you want to mute the lyrics and hear only the music in the playback.

Do you have the music and the lyrics on seperate tracks or are they on one track?

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to take the lyrics off a beat, so you can use the beat?

Tell me what you are trying to do and I may be able to help you.
Hello. I have a problem with Magix Midi Studio and hope somone here could help.
When i make a Midi, and i change the instrument (or move it down to another instrument) when i export, then play in Windows Media Player, it has explorted everything in Piano instead of the instrument i choose.

If you could help i would be very thank full :)