Magix Music Studio 2006
Magix Music Studio 2006

Music Studio 2006, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Studio series.

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zenzouille 05/13/2006

Magix Music Studio 2006 : zenzouille's user review


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No problem to install, but all twelve o'clock I closed the game by incompatibility with some unknown component of my computer ... no error message, even no message at all. has opened, and closes. The manual is clear, but TRS is vague and incomplete in many respects.
MOITI software available, so. (For me anyway)


I have a compac presario 512 ram, athlon 3.4 proccesseur GHTZ and place on the (s) dd. With this config, no problem, even in the shuffled different sources, sound cards, formats, and juggling the effects and virtual instruments, no crash, bug or even a slowdown. A balance any evidence.


I use it for two months.

The choice of the interface is generally convincing. There is the choice in all areas, we are all happy about is discovering the software.
It is even quite as "open minded", it does not pre-rglages music or style of music impossible. It may as well record a voice, a guitar, than to copy / paste techno samples, song and give the direction we want. Parris sense for an arranger, but this price level (see a bit more expensive) it is often right-Fast Fashion "guides."

on the other hand, to stick the samples to each other (eg loops) is tearing his hair! It's super random image and, most thunder again, it is the same story for virtual instruments, which are a loop that can not be duplicated automatically! Say, a loop, what's the basis ...
It should work out, go through other programs, to obtain a line of several minutes ... It's been tinkering on same ...
It is easy to forget certain functions compltement cans (some racks of instruments and effects that are five times the same CHSE)

Discoveries I have the software on consoles (The series MTV music) before moving on computer. I went through other programs of the same game that price I was not convinced, much less "free" software that some consoles (mtv mg2) Then I cubase vst Discoveries; a Friend 'also uses daily. For me music studio (well, the audio portion) is a happy shuffled the two. We can always say that it is the arranger of the poor, but this price level, he scans the concurrency. Looking back I do not regret my choice. But y'avait it a choice?