PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional

Studio One 2 Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 2 series.

Enix49 09/16/2013

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional : Enix49's user review

« Modern DAW dedicated to home-studio musicians »

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Easy installation from the Presonus website via download. Afterwards you still have to download additional content (several GBs of samples for the sampler, presets, etc.) Do note that the Soundcloud and Nimbit modules can be added to export directly to these channels. The cherry on the cake from v2.1 is that you are entitled to the Saturation plug-in by Softube.
No incompatibility issues with my 2011 iMac quad core i5.
The manual is clear and there are several video tutorials on the website, as well as some mixing tutorials that can be accessed directly from the software.


I use it on an iMac quad core i5 with 12 GB Ram and a Presonus Firestudio audio/midi interface. I've had no crashes, the latency is ridiculously low and it is compensated by the software.
I have never been able to overload the CPU despite using dozens of plug-ins during my mixing sessions.


I have used Studio One Artist v1 and 2, then Producer v2 and finally this Pro version, which has the advantage of integrating Melodyne. I have used Samplitude, Cubase, Ardour, Garage Band, and Logic Pro 9 before. And this one is the most simple and user-friendly. It has all indispensable features for professional song production, plus you have the Mastering section.
No score editor, but I have never had the need to use it with other DAWs.
In terms of plug-ins, the quality is evident. Their performance is cleaner and preciser than with their counterparts for Cubase Sx3. It's at a comparable level with Logic. The compression and EQ work finely and the reverbs are very good. Integrating Waves, Softube, Overtone, etc. plug-ins poses no problems.
Great usability everywhere and most features can be managed in a couple of clicks or via drag-and-drop.
Very easy operation with a physical control surface or iPad (Mackie DAW control). Management of MIDI devices is fully functional, too.
In short, I haven't found a defect so far, except maybe for a somewhat limited offer of virtual instruments.
It's a DAW conceived for musicians with a home studio. The approach is different to Pro Tools, which is especially aimed at sound engineers.