PreSonus Studio One Professional
PreSonus Studio One Professional

Studio One Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 1 series.

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PreSonus Updates Studio One

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PreSonus has updated Studio One to version 1.6.

Among the updates listed below, some users will see increased performance due to improvements made with multi-processing support. In particular, where the audio routing is complex (i.e. lots of buses, nested buses, virtual instruments with multiple outputs, etc.) you should see significant improvement in performance.


The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.6.0 update includes the following enhancements:

  • Chinese translation.
  • Free audio routing in mixer.
  • Rex file support in 64-bit Studio One versions.
  • Mackie HUI Support.
  • All Input support for instrument tracks.
  • Transmit option for learned controllers in Control Link.
  • Export settings saved.
  • Loop option for MTC in the Advanced MIDI options.
  • Resizing Modifier for Note Editor CMD: same length ALT: same position.
  • Autosave is now on per default.


The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.6.0 update fixes the following issues:

  • Transpose command limited to 36 in Editor.
  • MTC could stutter.
  • Legato and Retrigger have no function in Mojito.
  • [Windows] Some CD Drives not working in Project page.
  • Project length calculation wrong when disabling last track.
  • Crash when removing Control Link device.
  • FF and Rewind now supported on MMC devices.
  • [OSX] Keyboard focus issues.
  • [OSX] Ctrl did not work.
  • ISRC not transferred from Project to Sound Cloud client.
  • Color selector preview not working for Event colors.
  • Some AU Plugin GUIs not updated.
  • Add Automation track dialog does not take name and position into account.
  • The new song folder is not completely removed when the new song is not saved.
  • Hanging note in Presence with activated Glide.
  • Presence can crackle at sample start.
  • Presence delay is off beat.
  • [OSX-64bit] Room Reverb is missing reverb tail.
  • Digital export in Project can create defect files when sample rate is different.
  • Slip editing not working correctly with Edit Groups.
  • Popup menus are placed on wrong monitor.
  • Pool not updated when renaming track.
  • Wrong media folder used after using "Save new Version".
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