Raw Material Tracktion
Raw Material Tracktion

Tracktion, General Sequencer from Raw Material.

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sylvainhibou 06/01/2005

Raw Material Tracktion : sylvainhibou's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The installation poses no problem. No major incompatibility report, but the plugs do not seem to accepted wave. Atmosphere works without problem. The rewire Reason too, no worries. The highlight of this app is its handling and ergonomics. It is the opposite of a machine gas as cubase. I know ProTools on the fingertips and yet I chang for this little app as it is enjoyable. Everything is sorry for the use is natural and fluid. Fast Fashion This is a result of the passion of a single designer, Mackie buy the invention in a second time. As a result, is to think from start to finish. An outstanding job. The best editor I think the current sequencer.


Config on my little iBook G3 500 no problem. On my G5 2X1, 8 no problem either. Total stability, it can work in peace.


I use Tracktion for about two years before Mackie's license does rcupre Raw Material Software.
I teach computer music for 6 years. I did a lot of people work on ProTools and other so I saw all kinds of users. Handling blocks is different, some will go to a REPRESENTATIVES gots the graphics protools, but for overall usability of all, the clarity of use, for now Tracktion has my pr Frence. I'm not talking about DP or Logic, which I think are far derrire.
The ratio quality price is excellent because this software is unknown.
Tracktion 2 intgre quicktime (whew!): impec small small small gaps are filled.
I would do without this choice hsitation. I just spent Tracktion 2. It is a wonder.
(And for those who are still not convinced, go and see the posts in the brand Raw material ...)