Raw Material Tracktion
Raw Material Tracktion

Tracktion, General Sequencer from Raw Material.

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mgoussu 06/21/2004

Raw Material Tracktion : mgoussu's user review


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Installation is no problem, and it should be noted the small file size: 5 MB with examples! . One wonders why it takes an entire CD to the other apps?
Gnrale configuration is ok, and even very easy.
I just change the peripherals mlangeur in custom settings in Windows to be able to hear at MIDI on my sound card does not have wavetable (Edirol UA 20)

The installation of vst and vst i is just stating the directory scan and the scan can be re "hot" if you are adding a vst in session

The management of inputs and outputs is very simple.

Everything else is ok


I have a Centrino 1.3 GHz, 512 RAM, 40GB HDD, sound card usb edirol UA20, a master keyboard Edirol PCR 30.
For the sound card no pb. In fact it was a fright: my attempts with Premire traktion with Intgr chipset on my laptop (realtek) have t dismal, until I install my card and WAS the hair.

The CPU never exploded, despite a large Nombe vst i and effects (and one or two audio tracks only change the advice I qd I used a lot of audio tracks).

Limiting traktion lies in the south, not as powerful as the audio. I sometimes delay problem when I play with my master keyboard directly noon. I do not know if it's Traktion or the fact that for MIDI I go through the pcr30 (master keyboard) which passes through the wave table for my bad sound card (realtek with its wave table) that redirects the audio into GNR my good sound card (UA20).
I am looking for the solution on the forums. By the way our Piaz a cr a forum in french, go live and a forum www.kvr-vst.com offers plenty of solutions that knows to look.

In passing the rewire works fine with other apps so it's also possible to get her little twelve o'clock in the corner and then rewire in Traktion.

Bets are frquentes days, the only programmer of this app is pretty cool ractif and trs

Level stability I had a crash within 15 days of use, I do not know why, not even whether because of traktion. It runs without problem, without too much latency, with great sound quality, really!

strongly Repair Tool version 2 and some bugs noon.

But there is work at noon, the sync, including the automation level of the assignment of buttons to my PCR30 paramtres effects. T here is no detection of the button that turns on the master keyboard or MIDI control surface as is the case in FL. Too bad. But everything suggests that Jules (the dveloppeur) will bump to version 2.

So a 8 because of noon, otherwise it would be 10.


Traktion I use for 3 weeks, maybe a month.

I tried before Cubase SX, Cakewalk (from Pro Audio 8 and up sonar 2), FL, and rebirth. J'tais quite happy cakewalk for audio, and I used FL and rebirth for me to make beats in no time. I rcemment DCID password cubase SX has a cause of VST and certain functions that I did not sonaar. My evolution to past noon pushed me also to cubase. I used version DMOS saying, ds I'm sure it is I pay the license. Then I tried Traktion. I bought it within 15 days.

Which like the most: In Cubase, or Sonar you feel that 80% of the features we never use force to have a twisted interface which slows the use and ownership of 20% of functions that 'is used every day.
Traktion in 80% of functions are completely intuitive and used every day. 20% a little more sophisticated sentences are harsher (filter rack for example) and do not overload the interface.
So the report Qualit price is staggering: $ 80 for this gem! Even if some effects are a little native 'just' there are so many free vst that is really, really comfortable.

Although there are still bugs sr especially at MIDI (grrrr this delay with my master keyboard, a ca m'nrve m'nerve if anyone knows why, swing a mail!). APRS modified two months of use. this does not come from my Traktion but its chipset that I rcuprais the wavetable noon. With an external sound module it works without latency. So it is waiting for sync and midi lesboucles!

But I think we are witnessing the birth of a REFERENCE and it's also enjoyable for me to say that we have a version of an app that will become an rf ence. The user community is English speaking and friendly Ractive, the Francophone community emerge, thanks Piaz who has set up a forum.
The designer is ractif, friendly, the cost.

If there was no small bugs noon (but that might be me that configures or uses the wrong shit) and if it was not likely to get fired from my real job which brings me my food late months because of the time I spend on it I will put 10!

In short, if you want to take you over the head full of technical terms, spending hours with windows in all directions, to pay super expensive something is not working well, do not use your rewire small apps in, if the music is something for you so that srieux work fast and well it's been an amateur, do not buy Traktion.
Otherwise Tlcharger the demo fully functional and have fun!