Steinberg Cubase SE
Steinberg Cubase SE

Cubase SE, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SE series.

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Jeffouille 12/13/2004

Steinberg Cubase SE : Jeffouille's user review


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No problem of implementation. The bbte was installed on an Athlon XP2000 + with 512MB and Windows XP Pro.

No compatibility problems with my little 22 Phase I love.

The paper manual is brief but provides good You Started. The PDF manual will tell you everything you want to know.

So 10/10 because I spent 5 minutes (except the installation of plug-ins).


My config: Athlon XP2000 +, 512 MB ram, sound card Terratec Phase 22.

I often use Cubase (SX version with a friend). So I used the software and my compos t had registered on this app. So I wanted the acqurir without resorting to piracy (I know I'm too honnte but will not remake), and without putting 750 (a wrong right?).

So I Discoveries that "light" version of Cubase 175 (studio box with some VSTi supplmentaires is 300 but are they all ncessaires?) To my dealer prf r and I t more than surprised: I found everything (everything) to see more than what I used dj in Cubase SX and most importantly what I needed to record, edit, mix all my little music. It records in 24 bit / 96 kHz and allows insrer enough plug-ins for a small production of good quality trs.

And plug-ins and VSTi I needed, I found plthore of free VST and additional trs good quality on the net (those who want to have to quickly find that typing "freeware" in the search engine of this marvelous Fanzine and go all there).
In short, the happiness, the software runs well enough on my config and poses no probmme my Terratec Phase 22. Sr, if he sends 30 tracks with 10 inserts per track, 5 and 8 send VSTi, it will not like and bte will crash. But fun to make as much? So let's be mad, 8 / 10 for this item.


I know little other income (Pro-Tools at the top) but Lorqui we are well accustomed to work on a soft, sometimes it is difficult to change. So for those who like to work on Cubase and wish acuqrir an affordable version, go ahead.

For those who want a acqurir squenceur without a prior touch: check out at a friend and you could buy it, you'll have to record audio in studio quality and from the south using full Free VSTi and couraging and a small production of pro-quality quasi.

I use it for a month and was able couraging a small CD of five songs not dgueux (rsultat at the sound, I mean. APRS, for style and music, adpend gots). 8 / 10 also (I know I may be gnreux).