Steinberg Cubase SE
Steinberg Cubase SE

Cubase SE, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SE series.

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los witassos 02/20/2004

Steinberg Cubase SE : los witassos's user review


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It seems to me that Cubase SE is the version of Cubase integrated into the "pack" STUDIO CASE I just bought 15 days ago.

Installation is very easy. In addition to the software itself, you must install the key anti-piracy USD
The manual (in French) does that make the first move and then you print more items from the CD in Acrobat Reader (for up-dates should follow the manual on the site Steinberg)

The configuration of the peripheral elements is as simple virtual instruments (VST)


On my computer PIV 3.06 GHz, 512 RAM and a sound card EDIROL UA-1000, I have obviously no compatibility issues all of which are new.

I have not pushed the config into a corner (as long as I'll never!) But I did test by multiplying the audio tracks with effects of soft, midi and VST and I can not receive any Latency.

It takes a few hours to discover little by little the articulation of the menu "Devices" and find a way of working staff.


Balance I am like a child with my Nuveau "home studio" and I can not take off.

Compared to my Fostex DMT-8 multitrack and Cubasis noon, having a universe entirely grapique is a comfort that allows to consider the composition in a different light, can finally inherits cut and paste, use the track tempo, never fiddle passages on ternary quantizer binary to program fades in and fades out without having to play before the backup.

Only "fault" of the new config, I can only throw my DAT, I Miniverb my multitrack, all of which are already integrated into the beast ...!