Steinberg Cubase SX 2
Steinberg Cubase SX 2

Cubase SX 2, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SX series.

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Spawn-X 04/12/2004

Steinberg Cubase SX 2 : Spawn-X's user review


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The same instalation as it does me no problem posse if not than using a PC ddi computer music (not connected to internet) and a PC internet, I ram a little to understand and find ways to allow my usb SX1 (I'm the SX1 to SX2 MJ). But once I realized, I really found trs con not be found more quickly, o) ...
For those who know the dj SX1 config should not pose any problem.
For others, it is all fawn trs not rocket science, and following the manual handling with a minimum of logic should run without lzards ca.
I put only 8 key for this story because I am yet to get used to this kind of manipulation 'I admit to being somewhat schematic explanation of the manual on this level prcis. O)
That said, I think I have most of my t anthousiasme victim blinding; op prss making me too to see the interface, if you know what I mean; o)) So plutt 10 .


My PIV 2.4Ghz 1024 MB of DDR2700 and my Hoontech DSP2000 does not move the pieces of BMD (the famous Heaven and Hell, op). Indeed, under SX1, my VST gauge between 10 and 12 or 13, whereas with SX2, ca turn over between 13 and 15, but is it really a matter of consolation or plutt rle r diffrent action of the two gauges?? In short, no loss of life on this one l. The tonnage of SX2 I think all of m ^ m and more prcise Ractive before, but this may be an impression. Still, I have currently no crashes dplorer (6 hours in a row).


For several hours now, I rejoiced! It is fluid and galres. I rimport SX1 my keyboard shortcuts and I feel at home.
The input channel, the recording level rglage by the INVERTER phase routes because THE Panard SUPRME I tell you ...
A pure happiness.

I LOVE it!