Steinberg Cubase 6
Steinberg Cubase 6

Cubase 6, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

Steinberg Cubase 6.0.3

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Steinberg has released the 6.0.3 maintenance update to its music recording and production systems Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase Elements 6.

Based on community feedback, the 6.0.3 update provides several improvements, such as refined event opacity handling, enhanced gridline representation, Euphonix/Avid MC Pro remote control support and more efficient playback performance of HD video formats. In addition, several issues have been resolved.


Issues resolved in 6.0.3:

  • Folder track: When expanding a folder track, the track list now doesn't scroll to keep the focus on the track folder.
  • AudioWarp: When playing back warped material in a loop for an extended time, the audio quality remains intact (PC Windows only).
  • AudioWarp: A warped audio event now stays in sync, also when placed in a part with multiple splits and the project includes tempo changes.
  • AudioWarp: A potential AudioWarp issue with shifted audio events, when changing the tempo in the Sample Editor toolbar, has been resolved.
  • VariAudio: After flattening VariAudio modifications, the solo state in the Sample Editor behaves correctly.
  • VariAudio: Under specific circumstances, the VariAudio analysis could render the application unresponsive.
  • Key Commands: Applying user-created key command presets doesn't open the Preset Browser anymore.
  • Macro: Deleting a macro will not lead to rendering the application unreliable.
  • Quantize: Some quantizing errata for Audio Events is corrected.
  • Quantize: Iterative quantizing for audio events behaves correctly and approximates the chosen quantize preset and grid value.
  • VST Expression: Chasing MIDI CCs for VST Dynamics works correctly now.
  • VST Expression: if a project used Note Expression data, the Tempo Detection doesn't lead to potential instability of the application.
  • Freeze: Opening a project with frozen channels now allows proper editing of plug-ins loaded in Insert slots 7 & 8.
  • Input Transformer: The "Off Velocity" parameter has been added to the Input Transformer.
  • Metronome: Distortion at certain sample rates when using user-samples for the Metronome has been eliminated.
  • ReWire: Improved playback/transport synchronicity using Reason, respectively for ReWire connected applications.
  • Plug-in: Producing additional ASIO load when enabling the improved silence detection in the MonoDelay plug-in has been resolved.
  • Plug-in: The LFO waveform state is now displayed correctly in the AutoPan plug-in.
  • Plug-in: An issue has been resolved, where Spector doesn't display the current spectrum correctly.
  • Score: Erratic track arming issue resolved in conjunction with open Score Editor and changing layouts.
  • Score: Under certain conditions Crescendi symbols on page 1 could appear on the following Score pages. This issue has been resolved.
  • Score: The Zoom Tool in the Score Editor behaves correctly now.
  • Score: An issue has been resolved, where the Delete Overlaps function deleted preceding events under certain conditions.
  • Score: Bottom staffs are no longer selected when scrolling pages.
  • Score: Potential issues with MusicXML files exported from Finale and imported to Cubase have been resolved.
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