Steinberg Cubase 7
Steinberg Cubase 7

Cubase 7, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

ejmitra25 09/03/2014

Steinberg Cubase 7 : ejmitra25's user review

« A great audio software for all level »

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Choosing between pro tools and Cubase was the first challenge to me. These are the most powerful software I think exist today. They were used by the professionals when composing and producing audio. After watching/ reading all the reviews, I decided to buy Cubase 7 in Singapore.

The box contains the installers and the Dongle (it’s like a key of a car, it won’t run without it). And lots of free additional synth and instrument but it is all for trial period only (60 days)
Installed it on my mac and it took me 2-5 hours including the download of all the drivers and the new update of Cubase 7.5. The installation was very easy because the instruction in the manual was very clear and detailed

When I run Cubase for the first time the first menu that it will show you is the free tutorial videos. The tutorials did guide me on how to use their new features like the all new designed mixer.

I am not new in Cubase because I’ve been using since Cubase 5. And I see a lots of new changes like the color and added features like the A/B comparison which you can compare 2 different settings of any plugin like the reverb

So far I have not experiencing any compatibility issues with my mac mid 2013 running osx 10.9


I've been using Cubase 7 for the past 4 months and this is what I observed:

-Working with the Cubase 7 is much faster now you can now search for your tracks by just typing the name or keyword of a certain audio track

-More organized than before, you can now add pictures to any track too. This helped me find and organize my tracks easily than the older version

-The Chord track really helped me to choose what chord in a certain scale to be used. This is great when you are composing a new song

-The Vari Audio was improved ( the auto tune of Cubase) less robotic artefacts are heard when you correct your pitch

- The A/B comparison is very helpful when using equalizer


I really enjoyed using Cubase 7. I think what you pay is what you really get. What I really like the most is the newly redesigned Vari Audio, this will improve my vocals when producing my composition

-The re designed mixer will help you mix and master more efficiently
- very easy to install and use
- run in both Mac and PC

- if you loose the dongle, the software will not run and it will take time to give you a new one