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Cubase 8 Pro details are online

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 8
News Steinberg Cubase Pro 8

General Sequencer from Steinberg belonging to the Cubase Pro series

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You can now upgrade to Cubase Pro 8, new buyers will have to wait until December 8th to discover the new version of Steinberg’s DAW.

We announced it this morning, Steinberg is introducing today the 8th edition of its Cubase DAW, which becomes Pro. Cubase Artist has also been upgraded.

Following are the new features announced by Steinberg (we listed most of them in the previous news):

  • Improved performances to load more virtual instruments and projects, work on larger projects and reduce loading/saving times
  • Analog console-style VCA Faders for automation and mixing
  • MIDI and audio Render in Place
  • Chord Pads to compose with the mouse
  • New Proximity Chord Assistant and Circle of 5ths modes
  • MIDI tempo detection
  • Dockable Rack and MediaBay and improved Track List
  • New acoustic drum kit in Groove Agent SE 4
  • Plug-in manager to arrange, sort and group effects and instruments
  • New Bass Amp plug-in with 6 amps, 4 cabs, 8 microphones with multiple-position and 20+ stompboxes 
  • Quadrafuzz 1 distortion plug-in with 4 independant bands
  • New Multiband Expander and Multiband Envelope Shaper processors
  • Updated Multiband Compressor, De-Esser and tuner
  • Virgin Territories automation mode (no more continuous automation lines on the track, you can now automate only certain parts)
  • Direct Routing section in the MixConsole to setup group destinations for multiple channels, busses and stems at once and create various versions of a mix in a session
  • New Wave Meters that display the waveform of upcoming audio event and scroll in the mixer above the volume fader
  • Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox with 30 construction kits, each with 25 to 30 audio and MIDI loops
  • ASIO Guard 2 to manage latency, with multitimbral instrument tracks and sampled instruments that require disk streaming ; extended ASIO Guard buffer to improve audio processing performances
  • Improved Channel Strip EQ with more mouse-over value display for gain, frequency and pitch equivalent ; pitch value in note or cent instead of Hz frequency for each band ; 4, 12 (default), 24, 36 and 48 dB/octave slopes for high-cut and low-cut
  • VST Connect SE 3

Cubase Pro 8 will be available on December 8th for the price of 549 €, along with Cubase Artist 8 which price will be 299€. Registered users can now upgrade from 99,99 € (from Cubase 7.5), or 149 € from Cubase 7. Note that if you registered Cubase 7.5 after October 15th, you benefit from a Grace Period and will get the upgrade for free.

Discover Cubase Pro 8 at www.steinberg.net. Video tutorials are online at the Steinberg YouTube channel.


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