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Arturia models two new vintage synths

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Arturia Solina V
News Arturia Solina V

Virtual subtractive synth from Arturia

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Arturia took advantage of the V Collection 4 release to launch the Matrix 12 and Solina synth models.

Vintage synthetic string sound connoisseurs can discover the Solina V, Arturia’s model of the iconic ARP / Eminent Solina String Ensemble synth, completed with the Vox Humana sound and the Resonator section (for the Upper part) modeled on the Polymoog.

Once again, Arturia used its TAE modeling technology to reproduce the instrument.


  • Reproduces all the parameters of the ARP / Eminent Solina String Ensemble instrument
  • Polymoog modeled Vox Humana and resonator section (for the Upper part)
  • Paraphonic and polyphonic modes
  • 24dB/octave resonant filter for the Bass section
  • Arpeggiator on the Bass section
  • LFO for vibrato, tremolo and filter modulation
  • Aftertouch and velocity modulation
  • Solina MK1 and MK2 ensemble modes
  • 3-mode stereo chorus
  • Stereo dual phaser
  • Analog delay
  • Convolution reverb with 24 models
  • 150 presets included


And if you are also an Oberheim fan, have a look at the Matrix 12 subtractive and FM synth model:

  • 2 oscillators, each with triangle, sawtooth and variable pulse width waves with PWM
  • Noise generator on OSC 2
  • Frequency modulation (FM) on OSC 1
  • Single filter with 15 modes (4 low-pass, 2 high-pass, 2 band-pass, notch, phase shift and 4 combos)
  • Modulation matrix with 27 sources and 47 destinations ; 5 envelopes, 5 LFOs, 4 Ramps, 3 track generators, velocity, pressure, keyboard follow… for the sources
  • 2 insert effect slots with 6 effects to choose from
  • 12 voices of polyphony, like on the original
  • Multitimbral

Both synths are available in standalone, VST2/3, AU and AAX formats for Mac OS X and Windows. The Solina V has a price of 99€ and the Matrix 12 V 169€. The virtual instruments are also included in the V Collection 4.




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