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Thread Hi, Studio From Scratch help me out with some opinions....

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1 Hi, Studio From Scratch help me out with some opinions....

maybe this topic is duplicated, if it is then someone should put it on the rite place or delete it if necessary...

now back to the point...

People, I've always been fascinated with music production... I've made some hiphop beats with the help of FL, was version 3 when I first started... I also played with sonar 3 back in the days... recording some things for a rock band... but that is all the experience I've ever been in contact with.

now my plan is to retake this as a hobby and spent $500 in some equipments to make some music... with "some qty"... I'm building a computer (extra, 500 is not enough) with this specs:

Pentium D... 1.8-2.0 GB (Haven't buy this yet.... looking for a good deal.. )(Dominican Republic)
and all the other basics...

my inquiries are:
What Type of Sound car Do I need... Cause I'm planing to Use Reason 4,
FLStudio Still... Buy a MAudio Oxygen 8 or some other MIDI Controller..
The ones I've seen are USB.. so the Sound Device will only be important for the

there lots of things I'm not familiar with now....
but I'm looking forward to hear something from you....
look for m-audio or ESI audio interface... ;)