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Thread Creating MP3 files from start to finish

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1 Creating MP3 files from start to finish
Hi-I'm a musician with just enough recording knowledge to hurt myself. I want to create MIDI files using my Yamaha P80 keyboard, playing through a MOTU Fastlane MIDI interface into my new iMac Core Duo with 1.5 Gig of RAM. NOTE: I'm a pianist and have always inputed my MIDI files this way. The files are quite large and complicated, consisting of large orchestral and concert band arrangements and several patch changes on all the 16 channels of MIDI. On the iMac, I'm running (or will when it arrives) DP 5.1. I also want to put these files into notation format with Finale 2007. It came with the Garritan sounds, some of which are good, others are not. I know, having done some work at a local small studio, that DP can handle both the MIDI and audio sounds, creating MP3 files. However, I do have a Kurzweil 2500R that I've used for sounds in the past. I'd like to continue to use it if possible.

Here's my question: Can I do the following all at once: Have the computer pump the MIDI files out to the Fastlane MIDI interface, then into the Kurz, then out the Kurz as audio and back into something like a M-Audio, Edriol, or MOTU firewire audio interface, back into the iMac where I can turn them into audio files? Again, my end result will be 1) MP3 files to be used as "sound examples) on my website as well as sold as CDs, and 2) hard copy notation arrangemetns to be sold on my website. Thanks in advance for any help, encouragement or "tsk, tsk" you feel are necessary.

yes you can.

this procedure is called a "bounce-back" :)