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Thread is reason 3 right for me?

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1 is reason 3 right for me?
hi all,

i am looking to buy reason 3 to record some general beats/ backing tracks, but i am not 100% sure it is for me, if you have the time to answer them, i have a couple of questions to ask to make sure this is the one....

ok, so my setup is a good laptop, memory and hardrive etc, then i use a yamaha mm6 keyboard/synth which plugs in via usb, i also have cubase and ableton live for recording audio and have a line 6 ux2 which i use for recording audio into the sequencers, some of the software preamps are quite nice to use.

the questions are as follows....

firstly, the keyboard/synth i use transmits midi via usb, i dont have midi ports on my laptop. will reason 3 recognise the midi via the usb connection, or do i need to get some kind of additional midi adapter?

secondly, if i select a sound in reason 3, say some strings, and i play my keyboard.....then the sound form reason is triggered by the keyboard. i understand that. but if i select a sound on my synth and then play it whilst connected to reason, can i then hear that sound from the synth and edit it via reason, or will reason only let me use the keyboard as a trigger?

third question, can i import sounds into reason and edit them, like my own samples, not a manufacturers

and finally, i understand reason is midi only. so when i come to record audio, say guitar or vocal. how do i get this into the mix. do i have to mix down the reason tracks and then open the whole song as one track in cubase or ableton live? if i do this, i cant help but feel that i will be limited when doing the final mixdown as it woud be a solid track of backing and one track of vocals. cant mix them together as well. i heard of something called re-wire, is this a peice of software that links cubase and reason together?

ok, well i appreciate that these may be tricky to answer and am grateful of any time taken to help answer them

and i appologise for any spelling and grammer mistakes, left school early to go and work :p


no1 reason wiil recognise your keyboard via usb
no2 it will only let you use your keyboar as a trigger
no3you can make your own samples the place them in a refill packer this will turn them into reason sample file
no4reason is only midi if you want to record vocals or guitar you would need to have cubase or pro tools cakewalk etc i use cubase and rewire it to reason i can then add audio and midi all in mix