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Thread Post latency issue? First ever?

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1 Post latency issue? First ever?
Alright so I have a M-Audio Fast Track via USB which I use to record guitar and drums (electronic drums). I record the guitar, no problem, no latency, perfect. Then I go to a different channel and record the drums while listening to the playback, no problem. When I play it back, the drums are off slightly by half a second. Its probably the most annoying thing ive encountered and am not sure how to get rid of this. I am running a program called Kristal Audio Engine 1.0 on a windows xp laptop with Intel Pentium M, Centrino, 1.4GHZ processor, and 512 mb of Ram. If anybody has a solution that would be great, thanks guys!
maybe your software doesn't compensate multitracking delay.
Download ASIO4ALL (google it and you can't miss it). It solves latency problems. Helped me with my usb soundcard. You can adjust buffers and other helpful things.

Hope this helps!

I don't know how I would impliment it as such.
It only has a Rec out option.... Which only runs whats going into the mixer, not
coming back from the computer.
If i'm missing something, please let me know.
How can I process back to the mixer from the computer....?

%1$s a écrit I don't think it can be an output device....?

Why not?
Asio4all really seems to digitize my vocals. I attempted
using the same method to solve a latency issue I'm dealing with...
My Yamaha mw12 mixer has its own asio drivers, but when initialized,
it forces me to use the mw12 as my output device. I can no longer use
my soundcard... I don't think it can be an output device....?
That seems like alot of hooiie?
Any ideas?
Okay, Now I've managed a few steps in the right direction.
I have my USB mixer working as both Input and Output.
The ASIO drivers from the Yamaha website seem to be working well
with Adobe Audition.

For a time I thought it was perfect. Til I started laying down multiple tracks,
and all the previous tracks were streaming through the input.

Of course you want your input tracks to be clean for independent tweaking...
Not a mash of everything else in your timeline.

Now what am I overlooking?

How did this become so difficult!?