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Thread Home Recording Newb Needs Help Buying A Cheap-Decent Priced Set-Up

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1 Home Recording Newb Needs Help Buying A Cheap-Decent Priced Set-Up
Hey everyone Im as new to the forums as I am to recording! First I want to say I will be recording in my basment which will be half assed soundproofed and acoustic tiled...
My rig that Im going to use is my old one that collects dust, its win XP pro P3-533mhz 512ram 100gighd old soundblaster live card basic system...
Now what I would like to do is record a live band drums guitars vocals keys whatever all at once...but be able to put each mic on a seperate track on the pc....so I can go and add shit in later and do whatever to it....plus itll be just acoustic stuff and vocals the works...we are a metal/classic rock/punk band plus i do my own side stuff that is indie rock style...ive got all the instruments and that side of it well no PA yet...we are singing through an old bass head and speakers right now...
I would like to know everything I would need to acomplish a nice finished sound...right now i have about 750-1000 dollars but i wont be buying everything at once....be reasonable with your suggestions im not loaded....
thanks guys I hope thats all you will need....
First upgrade your PC. A 533 mHz processor is wayyyy to slow for todays audio processing. While your at it, get a fast HD (7200 rpm +). You should be fine with the RAM if it works w/ the new computer.

Also, get an external audio interface (Tascam US122, US224, US428)< all USB. or equip your computer with firewire and get a nicer interface (firewire supports more inputs, which sounds like what you need. For USB, you can only record 4 mics simontaniously, where as with firewire I believe it can be 8+ mics). If you need real faders to mix with, consider that in your purchase. I really like them, it helps with the mixing by mouse boredom.

Since you sound like you need a complete rig, go no further than www.tweakheadz.com . that'll guide you through everything you need to get started as a newbie, as well as some tips on recording, and cheap products.

good luck, repost if Tweak doesn't answer your questions, or if you have any others