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Thread how to send the audio from cubase sx3 back to my behringer sl3242 pro

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1 how to send the audio from cubase sx3 back to my behringer sl3242 pro
this is my problem i have a behringer sl3242 rpo im using cubase sx 3 from my desk im going from the main outs to the line in on the soundcard then from the line out to the cd/tape in i can record into cubase but is there a way i can bring the audio back from cubase to my behringer desk so i can do a final mix

any help is great help thanks
Why would you want to, Tomcat? I'd do the final mix in cubase.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
its not so much that i want to do the final mix at the desk its i want to be able to controll each induvidual audio track in cubase from the external mixer and im not shure of the way to go about it

many thanks for you speedy responce to my question
Ok let me try and explain a bit better and thanks for your reply
i think iv wired it right iv gone from the main out 2 1/4 inch jacks to the soundcard line in mini jack
then from the soundcard line out to the cd input (rca) ok i can record into cubase sx 3
but i need to know how to monitor the sound coming back as it is only coming out from the computer speakers and not the desks controll /phones out thanks for any help you can give me
I run the input to the soundcard off the subs. That way they are assignable with a switch. Assigne which channel you want to record via the sub, use the sub 1/2 to control the record level, use sub 3/4 as the feed to the mains bus to control the monitor level independantly of the record level.

To monitor the output of recorded tracks, bring the ouput of the soundcard to a couple of channel strips, and assign from there to the mains.

If you have a soundblaster type card, make sure to unchek the "what u hear" option so you don't set up any feedback loops and fry something.

Take some time with the block diagram of your mixer and explore the possibilities!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Thanks axeman for all your help i think im going to need some more leads ill let you know how i get on thanks once again

Dave (Liverpool England)
hHi Axman thanks for the help you provided me with i did what you said i took a y lead mini jack from the soundcard to the 1/2 subs( two 1/4 jacks) i then took another y lead mini jack to two channel strips
everything is working fine and im getting the audo coming back but if i avtivate both channels the audio only come back throught on channel other than that everything is working fine thanks once again

Dave (Liverpol England) tomcat
Pan the return channels hard right/left and make sure they're assigned to the main bus.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Thanks axman everythings working fine now. thanks for all your help once again
its great to have forums like this as some manuals are very basic as is the one i got with my mixer
thanks once again
Dave (Liverpool England)