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Thread M-Audio's Itchy Trigger Finger... Hardware questions.

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1 M-Audio's Itchy Trigger Finger... Hardware questions.
Today I went to a Guitar Center checking out the MIDI pad controllers and I asked about the AKAI MPD16. When the sales associate told me that those were discontinued he gave me a quick alternative: the M-Audio Trigger Finger. It seemed pretty simple to use since I read up on the MPD, adapted my knowledge of that and I was messing wit the MPC2500 just prior to recieving help. He told me that if I were to plug in the Trigger Finger to FL Studio it would have some sort of setup like and MPC4000... I am curious about this can someone fill me in...
How does this exactly work? and Will it work with FL Studio 6 XXL Producer's Edition?
Here is a link to a trigger finger tutorial that I wrote.

I used to be really frustrated with Trigger Finger. Now I am pretty happy.


Hope this helps...