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Thread Convert Aftertouch to a Controller?

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1 Convert Aftertouch to a Controller?
I am using Cubase LE (I also have Sonar LE) and the E-MU Xboard 49. I can see the aftertouch in the channels but I do not know how to use it in a way that I can hear the effect. Have tried the Input Transformer and can separate out the aftertouch from the note but can do no more with it. How do I get the aftertouch to say, modulate the notes. Help appreciated. Grenoman.
That depends on the synth you're controlling. Some synth patches route aftertouch to pitch modulation giving you a vibrato that increases as you add more pressure. Other patches route vibrato to filter cutoff so the the filter opens or closes as you bear down on the keys. Depending on the synth, you can practically route aftertouch to control any set of parameters. You have to reference a synth's manual (either softsynth or hardware module) on how to route aftertouch to destination parameters.