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Thread building complex rhythms (and fitting them to a lead melody)

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1 building complex rhythms (and fitting them to a lead melody)
Hi. I have a much more general question I would like to float. I am just in the process of beginning to learn all of this. In particular I am anxious to leatn how to build or structure a complex, punchy beat, and fit this to a melody. So, for instance, if you have a decent melody, and you think "fine, but this needs a decent bass section to bring it together" or vice versa, I am looking for a how a newbie would begin to learn that. I already just dive in and mess around, but there's only so much to be learned that way. What I really need is some sound advice and pointers by folks who do this. Anyone know of some cracking tutorials on the subject? :)

Also, what would be really helpful is a pointer to some software or whatever that comes with a lot of such complex tracks already, and with a good step sequencer built in, so that you can break those tracks down, silence them one by one, and see how the music was built up. Obviously I'm not talking about finally mixed down stuff (unless that can be broken up and unmixed again ??). FL studio comes with some.
Fruity Loops, Reason, Abbleton Live, and even Cubase can be configured to meet your needs. If you are living totally within the MIDI world, Reason is the ticket. I've heard good things about FL, but never used it in depth. Abbleton Live5 is a good 1/2 and 1/2 program between the MIDI and audio worlds.

as for tutorials, try poking about on www.tweakheadz.com