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Thread Reason Redrum keeps muting......

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1 Reason Redrum keeps muting......
i just started using reason 3.0 and i'm having some probs. the first time i used it, it didn't do this but when i load drum kits onto redrum, no sound. it plays the sound if i press the triangle thing on redrum itself but not from the keyboard. all the signals are fine but whatever note i hit on the keyboard whether its a hi hat, snare or whatever, the muted orange light goes off resulting in no sound being heard. i dont want to use to pattern to program my beats. why is the mute light coming on?? killing me... help please.
Yea sounds like your midi keyboard has asigned each key to mute insteadf of playing, i had this problem last night, the problem is i dont know how your midi keyboard works?? I have a very cheap midi keyboard with only four buttons! so all i do is press my octave + or - and it changes the setup rg. press once and asigns the patches to mute all, press again then it mutes each patch, press again it plays each patch so on.... try that on your keyboard just press most of your buttons on your keyboard then try pressing the notes it should work?? wondering if yoiu could help me?? im a novice and wondering if its possible to use 2 redrum drum machines at once?? one io use for wav. samples, and the other i wanna use for the beats, but for some reason only one will produce the sound??? and it dosnt seem to be on the mixer? eg. redrum 1 appears and sound is produced, but redrum 2 does not appear and no sound is produced? would appreciate your feedback:D
eg. instead of rg. u should understand what i mean my mistake
It sounds like your midi keyboard, or what ever your controller is, is set to a higher or lower octave. Scroll through your octaves while triggering your middle C and see if the mutes disappear on one of the selected octaves.

Well...I had this same problem,i have the Prodikeys PC-MIDI...and the Octave button totally fixed it up...thanx for this...:-)