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Thread I'm looking for an 80's drum sound.

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1 I'm looking for an 80's drum sound.

I'm looking for an 80's drum sound.
the best I can describe this drum sound is: "drums that sound like thunder".

the same drum sound used in the following song:

I've tried a few drum machines but I got from those are standard "real" drum sound and all kind of freaky electronic sound.
I've tried playing with the Tom Tom or Snare sound, giving it a lot of reverb and playing with the attack and pitch but I just can't get it.

I have VST and can buy a certain VSTi if needed, I just need to find that sound, but basically all I need is a sample of one beat.
in case the above doesn't work, here is the sound from the video clip:
try "drumkit from hell" samples. some of them are soooo 80's.
Hey Basher...

There are of course some "ready" samples or kits that'll be easy to find and use that will be what you are looking for. And yes, source sound and EQ are essential to achieving your result, but the big thing you can try immediately to achieve what you are looking for ( big 80's drums ) is just to experiment with a few big verbs on the snare of whatever drums you are using now.

Sorry if this might have been painfully obvious, but you never know!

All the best.
Another thing you can try for the "Thunder Drums" is to do what Phil Collins used to do...
He Pioneered using a simple noise gate with Reverb on Drums...

Find some drum samples that you like already...
Plug those into a reverb and get a good "hall" reverb going...
Then plug a gate on the end of the reverb and crank the decay down to dry it up...

This will give you the sound you want...
It's the "traditional" way to do it...
But I think you'll be happy with the results...

I've found (If you can afford one) is to purchase either an Alesis DM5 and use the secondary outputs for the sound or maybe shoot for an older model Motiff Rack... (I have the Motiff Not the ES) That particular sound module has a KILLER set of "thunder drums"...

Just some thoughts...

Hope this helps!