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Thread Home Studio Set Up

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1 Home Studio Set Up

I am a complete begginer at this and I need to know what the hell I need to do some recording at home.

I have about £2,000 to spend at the MAX!

Can you give me suggestions on what to buy.

Thanks. :D
The easiest program I've found is FlexiMusic Wave Editor. You can use it for home recording and editing. It is available for free trial.
PC or Mac?
Help!!!!!!!! I have a Alesis multimix 12 cubase sx3 No matter what I try it just does not seem to work together, my computer is pc I have installed the multimix driver my computer can see it and changes the settings but when I load cubase or reason there is no input or output :(signal even though it is set to my mixer.. Any suggestions? Thanks javascript:insert_text(':(',%20'');
i am new at this trying to find out how i can record a song and put on the sims on stage --they have a karoake setup but i can only use my mike while i see other people on there with edited (reverb,eccolette etc)-can anyone help me with what i need to do --have a pc --no program of any kind for recording except their karaoke thing --any help would be apprecited --tks
with FlexiMusic Wave Editor software, is the free trial version like limited in its features???
Fleximusic Wave Editor does have some restrictions on it but its a good way to see what the product can do so that you can make a decision if its the one you want to buy or not. Its a good program and is well worth investing in.