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Thread cant hear effects with cubase

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Topic cant hear effects with cubase
Hi All,

I have cubase SX3

However, I bought a new sound card recently M-Audio Delta 'audiophile' mostly to get rid of latency. I was looking forward to being able to set up an effect and play in real time with a guitar or whatever. Trouble is I cant hear a thing, I cant seem to get it to monitor with the effect, also I cant hear previews of plug in effects. Is this a VST connection problem or a sound card mixer problem. I have spent hours with trial and error and got nowhere.

The soundblaster did it fine but the latency made it useless. So this points to the new card but I am damned if I can work it out.

I suspect as with most things its somthing simple:

Any of you fine home studio people have any thoughts on this?


maybe direct monitoring is active.
settings >> vst multitrack >> direct monitoring and turn it off
hey fella thanks,
That did the job.