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Thread any ideas? im a bit of a noob :)

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1 any ideas? im a bit of a noob :)
i want to start making mainly trance, but im not quite sure how to start out. this is what i have avalable
*a decent pc
*a late 90's keyboard
*and possibly 50$ american
*decent set of realistic headphones

i'd like to try to keep most of the mixing and other things on the computer, i've heard reason, and ableton are really good software packages, but are they good for trance and techno? for now im using an open source drum syth called hyrogen for ubuntu linux, i have to say its pretty decent for the beat and rhythm part, just to get a feel for it. i was also planning on dubbing the exported .wav file into a melody on the keyboard, any advice? thank you guys :)
i use reason 3.0 to create hardcore and thats on the same sort of wave lenth jst abit faster, i think it's very good for it but the sampling part of it haz it's limits so cubasis is a gud combine.
it's for the faint hearted though!