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Thread please help me!

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1 please help me!
Hey, I want to start recording some stuff, particularly my band. I'm planning on getting a mic (mxl 990) and cakewalk (home studio) software. what else do i need, or should i get???? please answer!!

BTW- i have a pc,and soundcard, and small good quality speakers.

i'm a beginner, and pretty clueless, so fill me in!


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Head over to http://www.tweakheadz.com and follow Tweak's link to The Guide. It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about setting up your own home recording studio, no matter what your budget or experience is. Its one of the best resources on the net for beginners and advanced users. His forums are, as this forum here, very helpful, with lots of pros lurking about, who can answer your questions accurately.:)
well, for starters your going to need to make sure that yoursound card suppors either 1/4" TRS jacks or XLR. That is how you would have to get the mic sound into your pc. I would recommend an external sound card, such as the Tascam Us224. I like the fact that it has mixing controls for your computer (its better than using your mouse). But if your on a budjet, the only thing you should need is phantom power to power your mic. just make sure everything works together.