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Thread Yamaha AW16G Display Problem

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1 Yamaha AW16G Display Problem
Hi all, new here today so hopefully I'll learn a load of new stuff

I just got a Yamaha AW16G multitracker, which is really something else...being used to old 4 tk portastudios and worn out hissy tapes, this thing has opened up a whole new world!
However, one small niggly problem is that the display on the machine is near to the back of it, so when Im using it, because of having little space and far too much gear, I have to lean right over it to see properly.
My question is, and apologies if this is a far too simple question to ask here, is can you use digital multitrackers tilted at an angle? Would it affect hard drive performance/cd rewriter performance, or are these machines designed to be used flat on a desk, so all the components inside are completely horizontal. I dont mean tilted at such an angle to put rack mount it, just slightly raised so the display is clearer. TIA for any help!

Regards, Graeme.
See if there is a display CONTRAST or ANGLE adjustment in the menus.

Most stuff like this can be mounted at any angle on a keyboard rack so should be safe barring anything to the contrary in the manual. Just don't let it slide off :shock: