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Thread Simple recording project

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1 Simple recording project
Hey guys!

I've been composing music for a year or two now and doing so with guitar pro does NOT satisfy me anymore.

So I figured I could equip myself with some stuff. I dont want to make pro stuff, just the minimal so I can record guitars, basses, MIDI samples using a MIDI controller (guitar or keyboard) and sequence drums.

What I think I will need is this:
-A new sound card with MIDI input
-MIDI controller (of course)
-Some sort of software for recording and mixing
-Polyvalent mic (for recording african drums and acoustic guitars)

Do you guys see anything else I might need or have any specific gear suggestions to make, feel free!



I would recommend a mixer (it makes things easier). Some sound interfaces have mic preamps built in, but I prefer to have line level inputs on the audio interface and use a mixer as the heart of my studio. Of course, if you're using a laptop and portability is improtant to you, your needs will be different.

You should also consider getting a pair of studio reference monitors to mix on. Regular computer speakers, even good ones, are not designed for critical listening.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Since I will be only doing 1 instrument at a time, I guess something like a 4 channel mixer will work fine? Also, what exactly will the mixer add to my "studio"?

As for the monitors, I just don't think it is necessary, you're obviously more knowledgeable than me, but for what I want to do, I dont think the extra 300-400$ for the monitors is gonna be needed.

I'm looking to using this with a normal PC, not a laptot, so portability is not an issue.
Check out Behringer- they have good small mixers for a good price. I have one in my studio. Works great. What the mixer adds is flexibility. You will have the ability to route signals pretty much any way you want to. This ability will become more improtant to you as you gain experience in recording.

You should reconsider on the monitors- having a solid set of reference montiors to mix on is like pulling cotton out of your ears. No kidding- that was exactly what I thought when I bought my first set after recording for about a year..... :D
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I know what you mean, but if I had a spare 400$ right now I would buy a new guitar instead or some new cymbals, or a bass, etc.

The thing is that I'm not going to do any serious mixing. I'm doing this for myself and to send it to a couple of friends. If I want to record anything seriously, I have a friend that has a home studio that I can use.

Any one have some recommendations about Sound Cards and a MIDI controller that do a good job for not too much money?
Oh and I don't need like 8 inputs or a Delta 1010, just MIDI input and the basic stuff.

Update time!!!

So I bought an Audiophile 2496, a 49 key M-Audio midi controller and SONAR for a good price.

I started fiddling with stuff, but SONAR can't seem to recognize MIDI ports. Whichever I select, no MIDI will play in the program. (oh and it's not because of the keyboard as it has not yet arrived to my home) I'm guessing there is a pretty simple answer to that since I'm a complete noobie in recording.


sonar doesn't recognize my midi either on my soundblaster. I think it won't either till i get my midi controller here. just ordered mine to.
So my midi controller is here! It's actually plugged by USB into my computer. Now the thing is that I open SONAR and I can't seem to figure out how to make the controller work!

Another question: Will I be able to play other sounds than the typical 127 MIDI original sounds? I'm talking about syntethized Hammond and Mellotrons, etc.


Quote: So my midi controller is here! It's actually plugged by USB into my computer. Now the thing is that I open SONAR and I can't seem to figure out how to make the controller work!

All right, so SONAR recognized the controller and I can record MIDI with it, the thing is that none of the MIDI outs seem to work. ie, I can't hear what I recorded. But I can play MIDI files outside of SONAR without any problems.

Thanks in advance!