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Thread Is this set up what I need?

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1 Is this set up what I need?
HI there!

Am a full time musicain and songwriter, and want a good home recording setup on a resonable budget. The music is essentially rock/funk, so i need direct audio, but also wish to use midi for the odd synth part.

Basically i need it for a composing tool for myself to quickly put down demos, but would like to have the availability to then record better quality demos using live musicains (that is, need about 8 simultainous track recording for drums).

I have the computer

Pentium 4 3.2GHz
512 MB DDR

Am looking at buying:-

A Terratec Phase 88 Sound Card/interface

Stienberg Studio Case, contains Cubase SE and various VSt Plug Ins

And a small 8 channel mixer

Is this adequate? Am not sure on compatiblity. And does the mixer require certain outputs? Is there room for eventually upgrading to more advanced software, such as Nuendo, with the same soundcard?

I think i have the right idea, but have had frustrating problems with compatiblity in the past and want something that works easily together. Any help or if you can see a potential problem please reply. Would realy appreciate the help. :D
You would need dierct-outs on the mixer in order to use it as several separate preamps when recording.
As far as compatibility is concerned, it's always difficult to tell before the soundcard is installed. You couold try to visit Terratec's website and/or contact them about compatibility issues.

Upgrading the soft will not be a problem. I think the studio case is probably enough to answer most of your needs. If you want to upgrade later, I'd suggest Cubase Sx rather than Nuendo which is more multimedia oriented.
And I suggest you to buy extra 1giga ram.
Have you looked at the Presonus FIRPOD? It had 8 "Class A" mic pre's and 24/96 converters that go to your computer via firewire. Cubase LE (48 tracks) is included, and at $599, it would be hard to beat this combination. You could always upgrade the cubase when you can. I have not tried it, but I have heard very good things, and presonus makes some excellent mic pre's.
Cheers for the help guys, much appreciated :D

I am in the same situation as yourself - i am using the Edirol UA 1000 audio interface that has 8 ins and 8 outs - very low latency and the audio auality is second to none when paird with a behringer MDX400 compressor... you should checkout this unit - ebay is a good way to go and you should get it for about $600. This is a potable device also so ideal for live recording at gigs and practice.