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Thread New home drum studio

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1 New home drum studio
I was just wondering if anyone had advice on how to get the best sound out of my drums for recording. I currently have separate mics for every drum, but I'm not sure how to EQ them to sound like they do on a CD. I'm considering a digital interface and pro tools software but still new to all of this. The affordable interfaces only have 1 or 2 inputs so I guess I will need a mixer or maybe spend some $ and get an interface with 7-8 inputs. I want to be able to shape each drum and gate the proper frequencies. I do have a Fostex MR-8 but might sell/trade it. Any thoughts??:D
My advice would be to use 2 or 3 mics as area mics, away from the set and use drum mufflers this way all the drums are eq'd the same, and it sounds like it does on a cd as long as you have a good software, such as protools, and good mics.

good luck