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Thread Keyboard & Edirol UA-25 & Cubase

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1 Keyboard & Edirol UA-25 & Cubase
Hi there,

I recently received an Evolution MK-461C keyboard on long term loan and am trying to hook it up to an Edirol UA-25 external soundcard. I have connected the midi cable from my keboard to the midi-in of my soundcard, and the edirol through USB into my laptop(running XP). Opening Cubase SX 3, no midi signal is registered in the transport bar... I have changed the MIDI In settings in the VST setup to my Edirol, but i am still not getting a signal... I can hear audio files played through my Edirol, but I can't seem to receive the midi signal from the keyboard? My keyboard has numerous channels on it, but I thought a 'global' channel would do it... Is it a channel setup problem? Do i need different drivers for the keyboard? How do i tell if my keyboards midi signal is being picked up by my soundcard at all? :/

Yep, I am here like so many of my fellow music makers, coz i am stumpe!d and I really want to get started making music and using these cool VSTs I have! :rolleyes: Would love anybody's help on this one! :) Cheers,