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Thread New To Music Production Help Please :)

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1 New To Music Production Help Please :)
:o Well I have recently Brought a copy of reason 3.0 and after plenty of procatise i have managed to learn how the whole drum machine works and the use of the matrix however the only problem i have is silencing a part of the track for instance when i have amde a good decent bassline and put it in sequence when i want to change the sequence with another bassline using a different matrix how do i just stop it as erase dont work this might seem alittle stupid to ask this kind of question but i am very new to this please help if u understrnd what i mean that is if not message me back anyways thanks all the best
oh that is Practice by the way not Procatise for anyone that dont know lol ooops spellin whould of gone to schoool more lol
you should copy the matrix data into the sequencer and then delete the pattern from the matrix. That way you will be able to generate a new pattern in the matrix and so on.

If you would like a tutorial written or need any more help, just let me know!