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Thread [Getting started] A Method to Your Mixing

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1 [Getting started] A Method to Your Mixing
A Method to Your Mixing
This time, I will give you an overview of the mixing method we will follow in the coming weeks. I don't intend it to be "The Method," since there are lots of other ones that are just as valid. However, I think this way of doing things will give you a solid foundation for you to develop your own method.

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Automation as the last stage of mixing? Am I the only one who's surprised by this?

Very interesting approach. Looking forward to the rest of the series. It would be great if in the last installment, you can include a video of you going through a song, applying all the mixing tips you've provided and showing what the final mix sounds like :D:
I had to digress back to the gain staging article. Something I don't get. Why go thru each track and adjust the gain with say Blue Cat Gain, running thru each track to get them all at -12 peak, then change all that by re-adjusting the cat to match the VU meter on main out? Not sure why you need that first -12 first step. Why not just do the second step since you're going to be changing the Blue cat to match the VU meter in the main out at the end anyway? Why do the first step when all those settings get changed on the Blue Cat when you do the second step? Am I missing something here?
Hi Ricky, it seems that the gain staging article wasn't clear enough... The "-12 dB" step is only for the tracks that have a significant peak factor, the VU-meter step is for all the other tracks.

Hopes it helps ;)