Alesis DEQ830
Alesis DEQ830

DEQ830, Graphic EQ from Alesis in the DEQ series.

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Rj_4000 07/14/2010

Alesis DEQ830 : Rj_4000's user review


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8 channel 30-band EQ (!) + Real-time analyzer (RTA)

19 "rack mount 1U (!!!)

Full digital, of course.
Analog connector jack 1 / 4 "(x8 + x8 IN OUT) or ADAT in + out (!)

No word clock sync between (single point - in my opinion)
At that price, it's just fantastic!


Super convenient!
+ Although a traditional graphic EQ:
- Store and recall curves
- Store and recall of all settings.
- Monitor all entrances
- Grouping super convenient and easy bands / channels

The grouping does not maneuver as fast as a true graphic manual, where you can push a finger several channels at once, but it's convenient ... And, of course, with a graphic EQ "manual", there's no memory ...

Total: Really great!


The sound is good.

I use only full digital (ADAT in - ADAT out)

While not really "constant Q" (nothing to see!), We can not say that the settings are soft.
So: Practice and not ridiculous.

I use an insert on some tracks when I found that the EQ on the DM1000 are a bit 'short'. Or release "Monitor" (returns) ...

Not yet had the opportunity to try Live though.

Update 14/09/2010:
Well, I can also get in and out to ADAT both ADAT (for insert slices) and Analog (for shipments of "returns" scene) ...
Too bad we can not also mix with analogue inputs ADAT, choosing which to use each channel ... Well, okay, I nitpick.


I've had qq weeks. I only used on Remix so far, mainly because I'm running IOS digital ...
To be continued.

I also bought an analog EQ Apex DBQ-Zero.
This last "sounds" better, and the settings are much more effective and "sharp" (true "Constnat Q"), but the Alesis is not ridiculous.

What worries me a bit to Live is sync via ADAT. I trust moyennemant ... In addition, the sound, while not bad, not at a Klark Apex or ...
I will not use the Alesis a facade, but hey, in return ...
(And it does not seem to introduce too much latency.)

What I particularly like is its practicality: 1U 8 EQ 30 bands!
+ Recording (and consolidation). Really great!

Small "flat" made gaffe, it's getting hot! Provide good air it.

A remake, for that price? When you want!
Update 14/09/2010:

Yesterday I had a weird phenomenon: By changing the ADAT input connectors (for move first by using the Finalizer-2 channels in and out "Through" - then by the DEQ) while everything was lit, I "lost" 2 channels. Everything else works except these 2 there. Bizarre!
I cut the DEQ with the switch on the front, tried other cables etc.. Nothing to do. Then I cut the power supply altogether. Everything is back to normal.
I was scared! Conclusion: Do NOT change the input power connections. No risk of breakage, but to "crash" yes ...
Well, that's okay, now I know. And you also ...