Alesis DEQ830
Alesis DEQ830

DEQ830, Graphic EQ from Alesis in the DEQ series.

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century_child_2002 02/10/2006

Alesis DEQ830 : century_child_2002's user review


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8 30 band graphic qualisers mmorisables, and with a spectrum analyzer for each of the eight tracks, all in a tiny 1U!
Only jack connections asymtrique


I took the head for an hour with the record "gnrique" for DEQ224, DEQ230 (D) and DEQ830 not got my trs clear, even while flying ENVIS has does not read the manual. But After a few manipulations, I made it. Once we found the trick is navigating ass quickly, intuitively.


For such a small rack, even if a qualiser is my first, I bleuff share the quality of audio processing it can do. I use it on all quasiement instruments: two guitars, bass, two songs, and bass drum (trigger), to make it "live" each instrument as a sound space, they can be distinguished in the mix gn ral, while reducing the maximum saturation of some common frquences all instruments. With the spectrum analyzer you can see everything;)


I have used for the first time today ....

What I really like:
-Size (internal power)
-Functions that make their jobs
-And especially the spectrum analyzer in real time!

Personally, some small but unimportant dtails I would like to announce:
He turns his ds power cord is connected.
It heats, although the VENTILATED ...
Button-RTA (Spectrum Analyzer in real time) ct the switch ON / OFF ... not practical so bad manip ....( especially live)

I did not try to test other, because I wanted the one that's all.

Alesis really hard with this DEQ830, the report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable for this kind of stuff, and I would do this choice with his eyes closed