Behringer MINIFBQ FBQ800
Behringer MINIFBQ FBQ800

MINIFBQ FBQ800, Graphic EQ from Behringer.

Percolardon 07/18/2008

Behringer MINIFBQ FBQ800 : Percolardon's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
9-band stereo graphic equalizer analog non-editable.
9 knobs (4 for low to 5 high)


Usage is quite simple. The results are multiple sounds. For the uninitiated, a French manual (very rare Behringer) comes with the equalizer. Everything is explained thoroughly;)


The sound quality is very clear, no wind noise or other defects.

I use it with - my Roland TD6 electronic drum kit and my active crossover THE BOX MA1520.
- My sound on my pc.

Well after you have to know at this price, it does not sound entirely natural. But the value for money is pretty good.


I use it for a year. I love its practicality, ease of use and quality (excellent value!)

This is my first graphic equalizer for that price, I would do I think this choice.