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dbx S Series

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dbx 231s
News dbx 231s

dbx has enhanced its product line with new versions of its graphic equalizers, compressors and crossovers.


The dbx S Series products feature a platinum front panel, and four color packaging with informative application suggestions for each product.


The dbx S Series products making their debut include the following:
•    231s dual 31-band graphic equalizer
•    215s dual 15-band graphic equalizer
•    131s single 31-band graphic equalizer
•    266xs compressor/gate
•    166xs compressor/limiter/gate
•    234s/234xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way/mono 4-way crossover
•    223s/223xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover

dbx Graphic Equalizers
The dbx 231s dual 31-band, 215s dual 15-band and 131s single 31-band graphic equalizers each offer 1/3-octave constant Q equalization with switchable boost/cut ranges of ±6 or ±12dB, with a ±12dB input gain range.


The 231s, 215s and 131s all feature 4-segment LED ladder meters that provide indication of output levels, and they feature 20mm nonconductive sliders. All models have XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs and outputs, and are designed to offer a frequency response of <10Hz to >50kHz with greater than 108dB dynamic range.


dbx Compressors
The 266xs compressor/gate and 166xs compressor/limiter/gate both offer dbx AutoDynamic scalable program-dependent attack and release controls that adjust the actual attack and release times to match the program material.

The 266xs and 166xs are also designed to enable classic “hard-knee” compression, and allow users to manually adjust threshold, ratio, attack, release and output gain. The 266xs and 166xs can be used in stereo or dual-mono mode, and include balanced inputs and outputs with XLR and 1/4-inch TRS connectors, along with a TRS sidechain insert.


dbx Crossovers
The dbx 234s/234xs stereo 2/way/mono 3-way/mono 4/way crossover and 223s/223xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover both utilize Linkwitz-Riley filters to separate the audio signal and direct the correct frequencies to the loudspeaker drivers.

The dual-channel 234s/234xs and 223s/223xs are designed to offer independent output gain controls for level matching, output phase inversion, a 40Hz low-cut filter, selectable stereo/mono operation. The 234s and 223s feature 1/4-inch TRS inputs and outputs, while the 234xs and 223xs provide XLR connections.


Check out dbx for more details.

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