SM Pro Audio CQ31

CQ31, Graphic EQ from SM Pro Audio.

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SM Pro Audio CQ15 & CQ31

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SM Pro Audio introduces two new devices that combine multi-band graphic equalization and compression.

Available in two models, the CQ15 dual 15-band and the CQ31 single 31-band, the units are designed to control of multiple bands of equalization plus optical compression, providing dynamics and EQ control in a single unit.

The CQ15 and CQ31 are suited for a variety of applications, including live and installed sound.

Each of the CQ15’s two channels features 15 bands (2/3-octave) of EQ with selectable ±6dB/±12dB range. The compressors—one per channel and available pre- or post-EQ (and featuring true circuit bypass)—are designed to address a variety of tasks, from harnessing troublesome peaks to putting a tight low end on a stereo DJ mix, the company says.


When finer band-resolution is required, the CQ31 offers 31 bands (1/3-octave) of EQ with selectable ±6dB/±12dB range, topped off by an adjustable optical compressor.


Features include:
• Selectable ±6dB/±12dB Fader Range per Channel
• Optical Compressor per Channel, w/ Adjustable Input Level, Comp Amount, Attack, and Release
• Selectable Pre-EQ/Post-EQ Compressor Operation
• 80Hz Low Cut Filter (per Channel)


Ins and Outs (the CQ31 features one of each while the CQ15 features two):
• Balanced XLR Input(s)
• Balanced 1/4” TRS Input(s)
• Balanced XLR Output(s)
• Balanced 1/4” TRS Output(s)
• Euro Block Input / Output


Each CQ model has an estimated street price of $299.99. Find out more at

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