Artec SE-EQ8 8 Band Graphic EQ
Artec SE-EQ8 8 Band Graphic EQ

SE-EQ8 8 Band Graphic EQ, Graphic equalizer pedal from Artec in the Black Air series.

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Henti 11/18/2015

Artec SE-EQ8 8 Band Graphic EQ : Henti's user review

« Good buy for beginners »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Beginners
I bought it used in Hungary for about 40 bucks. I use it with a homemade JCM800, a 2x12 cabinet with Peavey Blue Marvel speakers, TD passive guitars.

This is definiteley a beginner stage pedal, but I think, this one is worth it's low price.
First of all, this little stompbox generates more less noise, than I had excpected, which is a really good, litlle EQ-s can be very noisy sometimes. It has got a sturdy metal casing, very far from easily destructable. The pots are just regular ones, they do their job, but nothing special. IMO it is best used in frontfter a ditortion or overdrive pedal.

Cheap, easy to use, low noise, acceptable quality for a low price
Not the best in its leage, average sound qality